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 Help FLAQ Name Our Penguin!

While The Florida Aquarium takes great pride in our rehabilitation efforts for otters, sea turtles and coral reef, we are also pretty pumped about one of our latest endeavors: Adopting a penguin!

SANCCOB (The Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds) is an organization based in South Africa that rehabilitates ill, injured, oiled and orphaned penguins.  FLAQ has partnered with them on educating the world about these endangered birds, as well as donating our Penguin Backstage Pass proceeds to their efforts during our Penguin Appreciation Day Events. And now we are assisting in aiding a special African penguin in need of rehabilitation.

Say hello to this undeniably dashing gentleman!  

 penguin only

This little fellow was found abandoned in Stony Point in mid-December weighing only 1.60 kg. By mid-February he was released, happy and healthy, weighing 2.75 kg! We are so thankful to SANCCOB for the hard and important work that they do, and are ecstatic that our adopted penguin is doing so well.

However, though he has his health and his penguin family back, he is still missing just one imperative thing. A name!

We are leaving it up to aquarium guests to vote on a name for our adopted penguin. Our husbandry team has come up with the 5 following names that are ready to be voted on:

1.  Nelson- After Nelson Mandela

2. Boulder- After the terrain where South African penguins can be found

3. Dassen- After a South African island in the Atlantic Ocean

4. Pip- After his lively penguin personality

5. Benguela- After a current that skirts the western African coast

We would love your help! Please click on the link below to vote for your favorite name. Voting ends August 14th.


Sharks, Sharks and More Sharks!

The Florida Aquarium_Sharks

Campers grades K-1 are taking part in our Shark Buster camp.

This week campers are up close, face to face, with large sharks in the Coral Reef Gallery. And if that’s not enough sharks, they get to touch smaller sized species of our toothy friends that are featured in Stingray Beach. It truly is an amazing experience for our campers to learn all about sharks and celebrate Shark Appreciation Day too, which was July 14th

The campers are learning about sharks, inside and out, including viewing a preserved shark. Tristin Ware, Youth Education Manager states that the program will reveal truths and myths about these ocean predators, especially those related to their appetite. Campers will witness a shark feeding and see exactly what they eat – yum yum! Then, after an off-site camp field trip to the Big Cat Rescue, they will compare shark eating habits to that of the carnivorous cats, noting similarities and differences.

This Shark Buster camp also includes shark related arts and crafts, such as making shark fin hats, and time to splash around at Explore A Shore, the Aquarium’s very own water adventure zone. The week concludes with campers playing a shark trivia game. They will be well prepared for Shark Week which begins August 4th.

Wow! What a fun-filled, educational busy week for our campers! There is only four weeks of summer camps remaining at The Florida Aquarium – don’t miss out, sign up now.


perch dissection

Stingray Beach sharks

img_6830 -shark